Microwave Chemistry


 The pages linked from here contain about as much background information as is available on the web about microwave chemistry. First, we have a introductory section on the basics of microwave heating.


This section is not rigorous, but it is written to simplify understanding the underlying principles of what happens when you heat any chemical in a microwave applicator.  For those that want something more, we have a more advanced page that goes into this process in more detail. 

Again, the more we learn about microwave heating, the more we realise how much of even this section is a simplification of the actual processes that take place, but if youíre at this level, then you need to be reading the primary research papers. After that, we have a review of microwave chemistry. Itís not up to date at the moment, but it gives an overview of the field.

We have our own research program in Edinburgh, and we cover this in the section about ourselves. We also include an FAQ of common questions that Iíve encountered, an introduction to our consultancy work and then links to related sites.