Read the latest announcements about Tan Delta Microwaves Limited.

Microwave components:  We are now able to supply high quality microwave apparatus at both 2.45GHz and at the more recently accessible frequency of 5.8GHz.  The latter is particularly exciting as it provides researchers with an affordable way of testing reactions at multiple frequencies. Its also a practical size to use - as anyone whos ever used 915MHz equipment will tell you!

New Web pages.  After far too long, we have updated our web pages to reflect the changes in the company over the last year. Changes include a list of products that we can supply and more information about the consultancy services that we provide.

The original web pages covering microwave chemistry are all here in an updated form - the feedback that we receive indicates that this remains a popular and much-needed resource, and we will retain and update this for as long as it remains so.

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