Product Suppliers

We work closely with two US companies, Gerling Applied Engineering, Inc. (GAE) and Thermex Thermatron, to provide a comprehensive range of microwave equipment, from lab scale through to full scale industrial production, and to represent their products in the European area.


Gerling Applied Engineering, Inc. (GAE) was founded to serve the industrial microwave heating community by offering a comprehensive array of capabilities to support its customers, including in-house fabrication, laboratory testing, process control engineering, and custom product development. A staff of engineering professionals collectively offer over 125 years of expertise in microwave engineering, computer-aided design, precision machining and fabrication, PLC controls and software development. GAE is committed to the vision that microwave heating equipment will be as easy to own and operate as are motors, pumps, valves and other common industrial equipment components.

GAE’s strengths lie in providing Innovative solutions to unique microwave heating applications.  The company has a core competency in microwave, electrical, mechanical, software and process engineering, expertise in custom applicator development, consumer microwave appliances with both 915 MHz and 2450 MHz equipment. They have in-house capabilities and expertise in design, fabrication, electromechanical assembly, testing and quality control and can provide equipment ranging from individual components to complete processing systems.


Thermex Thermatron, LP manufactures quality Industrial RF systems, Industrial Microwave systems and RF Heat Sealing Equipment.  They also develop custom application solutions for all your Industrial RF and Industrial Microwave heating needs, from concept to commercialization.

Thermex products offer a choice of either full-featured Industrial RF systems, including RF Dryers or fully equipped Industrial Microwave Systems for a custom engineered, process heating solution.  We apply our experience to your process, resulting in the perfect marriage of equipment and application.

Thermatron products offer a complete line of Industrial RF Heat Sealers, Welders and heat sealing equipment from RF Presses to RF Bar Sealers.  Heat sealing is an art/science in the controlled application of RF power, and the selection of efficiency oriented material handling systems.


Leanfa srl is an Italian high-tech company with experience in designing, manufacturing and selling professional products and solutions for Industrial, Scientific and Medical applications. Of particular interest to us are its innovative solid-state generators and laboratory systems.


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